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20.06.2010 We are preparing write-up from our visit of National Park Bawarian Forest.
Thanks to the people from national park for invitation and very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

07.04.2010 Visit galleries for NEW pictures added today.

28.12.2009 Thank You for your interest and support in the year 2009.
Wishing You all the best in the New Year, good health, good luck and many beautiful experiences in wild nature.

19.12.2009 We have prepared calendar for 2010 One year in wilderness. To place an order, click here, please fill in your details. Price is 6,- EUR (rough costs for printing) + shipment costs. Thank you for ordering.

1.06.2009 let´s see the short movie about Low Tatra National park.
05.05.2009 Here you can read the letter to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh after his visit of Tatra mountain (Slovakia) and answer .
Articles of wild
Dr. Heinrich Dungler
Ing. Erik Baláž; Ing. Karol Kaliský; Ing. Rastislav Jakuš, PhD.
Ing. Erik Baláž; Ing. Karol Kaliský; Ing. Rastislav Jakuš, PhD.
Dave Foreman
Dave Foreman
Vlado Vančura
Vlado Vančura
Andrea Hajdúchová
Andrea Hajdúchová
Tomáš Vančura
Tomáš Vančura
A few introductory words...
The most important natural treasure is, in the whole world around, part of national parks – large areas where the main task is protection of wilderness and monitoring of the nature. Our attitude towards the nature is the indicator of cultural maturity of every nation. Slovakia has even got nine national parks. So we could say Slovakia is a country with a very high level of cultural maturity.

But when a nation is not able to assure protection of its natural heritage for future generations, when people remain careless to devastation of protected areas, to enforcement of lobby interests at the expense of professionalism and legality, to uncontrolled timber logging, to building roads in the last untamed areas, to killing protected species and to destroying their living environment, then national parks – our pride, become only an ordinary tear-off calendar, a foul camouflage which is supposed to cover our eyes by a huge lie and shame in the face of the entire world.

The wildlife as we know it, amazing treasure of national parks, is shrinking step by step right in front of our eyes. Somebody is actually stealing OUR NATURAL TREASURE and what we have experienced and seen, maybe our kids will not have a chance to experience….. . We are loosing more than only another piece of wilderness. With every destroyed part of nature a piece of us is gone, we lose our freedom, we become more poor.

It is time to quit lying to ourselves, pretending that everything is all right. It is time to stop pretending that it is not our business because we are too weak to change it. It is time to stop holding our tongues; it is time to show that we are still concerned about our nature. If we remain silent it will mean that we actually agree and it will become OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

By our photographs and articles we would like to show you the true face of wilderness and help you to discover where the real value of wilderness lies. We are going to write about actual problems, present pictures from the nature, offer opinions of recognized experts, scientists, even world-known authors, about the need of wilderness protection.

We hope, that also thanks to this web site, you will not stay ignorant because the state of nature is a mirror of our attitudes. Let us preserve, all together, our unique natural treasure. No one will do this for us.


-Karol, Tomáš and Miroslav Kaliský-


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